Throw the perfect pirate birthday party

Ahoy, mateys! What kid doesn’t love a good pirate party, complete with pirate food, games and fun? Throw the perfect pirate birthday party for your little scallywag with these excellent ideas:

The setup
On the invitation, encourage the pirate wannabes to wear their best black, red and white striped pirate gear. You can make some simple pirate hats and telescopes from things you have around the house so everyone has some fancy pirate flair.

The fare
Kid-friendly foods are easy to serve in scallywag fashion, so get creative. Set out a bowl of fish-shaped crackers as “the catch of the day.” You can also make mini pirate ships sailing on the high seas with just oranges, blue Jello and homemade skull and crossbone masks. Another ocean-themed food kids are sure to love – but that could take some serious carving skills on your end – is a shark made out of watermelon! Serve some sea-worthy “pirate punch” with cute striped straws.

The fun
Make a photo booth by painting a ship, treasure chest or – even easier – a sandy beach with palm trees on a white sheet. Provide pirate props like a stuffed parrot, fake swords made from rolled up newspaper, eye patches, fake beards, bandanas and even homemade “hooks” for kids to have a little fun in front of the camera.

Another idea is to have a scavenger hunt. Provide the little scallywags with a series of clues and have them work together to find the buried treasure – X marks the spot! Hide a treasure chest filled with “gold” (chocolate coins), “jewels” (ring pops and Mardi Gras beads) and other pirate things kids like to play with like plastic binoculars or miniature magnifying glasses. Provide kids with customized cellophane bags to they can fill up their own personalized goodie bags with the pirate booty they found.

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