Tips for hosting a spring rehearsal dinner

If you’re getting married in the spring, don’t forget to plan your rehearsal dinner party. This is the time set aside to pay a special thanks to everyone that is taking part in the wedding. So make it a fun party that is full of seasonal spirit. Here are some tips for creating a memorable dinner party for your upcoming nuptials:

Incorporate spring’s hottest hues into the decor of your rehearsal dinner party. Pastel yellow, green, blue and pink are all perfect for this season. Feature these hues on your wedding napkins, custom coasters and your tablescapes. We also love just a touch of one of these colors incorporated into your almost-bridal attire, like this great combination found on www.revel-blog.


Fill your rehearsal dinner venue with spring blooms. You can add a basket full of pansies, daffodils, irises, tulips and blue stars to the tables for a lively spring mix. Or you can stick to one flower like grape hyacinths, which look great on their own in a glass vase. We’re still not over the antique ball jars, not sure we ever really will be. We love this gorgeous photo from


When you’re planning the¬†rehearsal dinner meal with the caterer or the restaurant, select a menu that is light and refreshing and filled with tons of vegetables. You wouldn’t want to weigh anyone down with a huge meal the night before your wedding. Additionally, fresh produce is a great choice because it showcases the bounty of the season. These Wolfgang Puck Catering veggie dishes made our mouths water.





As for your beverages, serve light cocktails – you don’t want people to drink too much the evening before your wedding. There are sure to be toasts at this dinner, so serve Champagne on its own or made with fruit bases. For example, cherry juice tastes great when paired with champagne. I love this version of a cherry limeade from the diynetwork, such a yummy and colorful beverage.


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