Tips for hosting your first book club meeting

Book clubs are a fun way to get your friends together and share a novel you all love. It’s important to create an organized yet fun event so no one will stress about the details of the gathering. Here are some tips to take into consideration when you host your first meeting:

Send out colorful invites
Create colorful invitations to show your friends you made an effort when planning your first book club meeting. You can write the information on luggage tags or save-the-date cards. Each item also works well as a bookmark, which means everyone will have a handy reminder for the next meeting.

Make it a themed event
Your meeting could be extra memorable if you assign a theme to the event. For example, if you are reading a period piece, have each guest dress up in the garb of that time. Or everyone can wear a costume depicting their favorite character in the book. This helps your guests get in the mood to really talk about and analyze the plotline.

Create personalized goodie bags
It’s always a good idea to offer guests a small gift while they spend time in your home. For book club meetings, you can personalize a small bag with a stylish notebook and writing utensil inside, which your guests could use during the meeting. Also, make sweet treats like cookies or cupcakes and place them inside the container too.

Serve light refreshments
The main purpose of a book club meeting is to discuss a novel or another type of book in detail. So you don’t want guests to be worrying about their empty stomachs or too busy eating a large meal to do that. So serve light refreshments that allow each person to nibble while being free to offer up their insight.

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