Tips for hosting your first Thanksgiving feast

The time has come – you are hosting your first Thanksgiving dinner. This is probably a very exciting moment for you, with maybe a hint of stress. Don’t worry – the minutia of holiday celebrations aren’t that important. What really matters is the effort and creativity you put into making a great evening for friends and family.

The guest list
Your first Thanksgiving dinner isn’t the time to invite your entire family over. Maybe throw a bash for just your close-knit group of friends with a sprinkling of siblings, parents and cousins.

Show guests you really care by designing customizable invitations. You can include a special turkey day message and instructions for the evening. If you are hosting a potluck dinner, ask everyone to RSVP with the dish they are preparing. Most guests will want to bring something to contribute to the dinner, even if you are making it entirely yourself. In this case, write a message saying they may bring small items like savory nuts, gourmet chocolates or wine.

The table
Take some time to plan out your table. You don’t have to go overboard with the decorations, but create something stylish. Set out plates, silverware and a small floral centerpiece. With a simple presentation, you’ll have extra room in your budget for customized items.

Place cards – There are a variety of different styles, from regal to classic, euro, gilt edge and more. Just match the place cards with your table setting as closely as possible.

Napkins – Did you know napkins could be customized too? Choose from cocktail, linens or full-color photo options. Personalizing napkins is a small touch that goes a long way.

Coasters – If guests will be sitting on your sofa during the evening, pass out coasters so the drinks don’t damage your furniture. Customize paper coasters with a festive message. However, if you choose the leather versions, guests will have something to take home at the end of the evening.

Party favors
Surprise your friends and family with a take-home treat. Customize party bags with a friendly turkey picture and holiday message. Then you can pack some leftovers for your guests and include a sweet treat in a pillow box.

We have a variety of party favors for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and other cultural celebrations.

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