Tips for including your furry friend in your wedding

You wouldn’t walk down the aisle without your family there for support, and that of course includes your favorite furry friend. Your pet is just another member of the family, so it’s normal to want it standing by your side while you’re making this commitment to the love of your life. But in order to keep both you and Fido or Fluffy happy, you should be sure to properly prepare. Even if you think you have the most obedient pup or kitty in the world, you wouldn’t want to wing it on your wedding day for fear of a catastophe. Here are a few tips to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible during your nuptials:

Consult with your venue
Before you make plans including your four-legged friend, you will need to check with your ceremony location to make sure that they allow pets. You wouldn’t want to be finding out on the day of your wedding when you’re trying to bring your furry friend into the venue! If you plan on bringing your pet to the reception location as well, check with them as well. Unfortunately, not all venues will allow pets, so if you discover that your dream setting doesn’t allow pets, there are other ways to include your furry friend in the festivities. You can have them tag along to your engagement photo shoot or include them in your portraits after the ceremony, like this couple did, from the Bridal Guide for some special family time.

What type of personality does your pet have?
Does your pal tend to get along with people? Do they enjoy being around large groups? If you think they would get timid or scared when surrounded by the excitement of your wedding, you may want to rethink including them. Of course, your pet is important to you, but the last thing you want to do is make your dog or cat uncomfortable or scared. If you’re unsure how your pet would react with a lot of people around, consider bringing them along to your engagement party or bridal shower instead. If your pet is anything like mine, obedience isn’t really their forte, if your four-legged friend also tends to do his/her own thing, it might be more stressful than enjoyable to have it around during your wedding.

Inform your guests
Just in case you have guests who may be allergic to your pet, it may be smart to update your wedding website letting guests know that your cat or dog will be present for the wedding ceremony. That way, those with allergies can plan ahead.

Tell your photographer
Your guests aren’t the only ones who should know about your plans to include your pet in the big day. Telling your photographer is a great idea because they can properly prepare for a photo shoot with your furry friend. They can help you brainstorm creative photo ideas ahead of time so you can all be prepared on the day of the wedding.

Put someone in charge of your pet
You and your spouse-to-be know your pet better than anybody. But since this is your wedding day, you should probably be enjoying it rather than worrying about how your pet is behaving the entire time. Put someone in charge of your pet during the ceremony and the reception. That way, you’ll know that your furry friend is in good hands. Now you can focus on getting married and dancing the night away! Also, you should make sure you figure out who will be taking your pet home after the day has come to an end.

You and your guests aren’t the only ones who can get dressed up for the occasion! Consider accessorizing your pup or kitty with a flower, a collar of blooms or even an adorable bow tie. The simpler the accessory, the better. But most importantly, whatever you choose, make sure it’s not causing your pet any discomfort. You want your friend to be just as happy as you are on your big day. Test out the accessory a few days before to see how they react to their new outfit. If you choose to add some flowers to your pet’s leash or collar, do some research just to make sure the buds or plants aren’t toxic to your pet’s health.

Take lots of pictures
The No. 1 rule for including your pet in your big day is to have fun with them! Spend some quality time with your four-legged friend and be sure to get lots of pictures with them. They’ll love being the center of attention and the photos that come from your big day will be something you cherish forever.

Customized decor
Include your pet in your reception decor to make him an even bigger part of your day by printing a picture of them on our personalized wedding coasters. Or place photos of your furry friend at the center of the reception tables. Don’t let your guests leave without personalized gift bags either! Fill them with pet-friendly wedding favors, like a dog or cat treat your guests can bring to their furry friends, and include a bone or fish-shaped cookie that your loved ones can enjoy as well.

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