Tips for throwing a kid-friendly Halloween party

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year, since it can bring out the kid in anyone with its spooky decorations and costumes. When planning a children’s party, be careful to achieve the right balance of haunting fun.

What is the age group of the children? This is important to know so you can plan your decorations and treats accordingly. You probably won’t want to serve a blood red juice cocktail to a group of 3-year-olds.

Cobwebs – To get your party ready for Halloween, pick up fake cobwebs to string on the ceilings and underneath the stairwell.

Pumpkins – Whether carved into scary faces or simply painted, place these on tables, in corners of rooms and outside your home.

Theme – Settle on one theme to streamline the decoration process. For instance, if you choose a ghost theme you can place different interpretations of the haunting figure throughout your house. Also, you can find a variety of figurines, posters and other takes on the iconic Halloween character to complete your party decor.

Just like you would with an adult party, set out a table with drinks, snacks and treats for the kids to grab as they pass by.

Here are some ideas for spooky treats:

  • Ladyfinger cookies with almonds for nails
  • Deviled spider eggs
  • Eyeball truffles

There has to be fun games to play at a children’s Halloween party. Here are a few ideas from Martha Stewart:

Pin the face on the pumpkin – This game is a twist on the popular donkey game, and involves only minimal preparation. Pick up a large pumpkin and cut out an eye, nose and mouth from black construction paper. Place a bit of double-sided tape on each piece and tie a blindfold around the child’s eyes. After a couple of spins, let him or her try to make a complete face using the construction paper cut-outs.

Bobbing for apples –  Fall wouldn’t be complete without this classic game. Just place a large tin outside and fill with water and a variety of freshly picked apples.

Pinatas – This birthday party game can be carried over to Halloween. Simply find a fall or Halloween themed pinata and fill with candy. Hand out customized party bags where kids can store their candy once it falls.

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