Tips for throwing a successful Super Bowl bash

If it’s your first time hosting a Super Bowl party, you may need some tips ensure your bash is a success. Here are a few ways organize your party so it’s a truly memorable one:

Stock up on classic snacks
First you want to stock up on classic snacks that everyone loves. For example, purchase bags of salty potato chips and creamy dips. Additionally, you can serve sliders, chicken wings, veggie crudite and other traditional game-day treats.

Offer healthy items
Don’t just serve greasy and high-fat foods. Offers your guests healthy options as well. For example, you can make a whole grain pasta salad or reduce the amount of sugar in the desserts you set out.

Set up your food homegating style
Employ the homegating method of setting up your food offerings. Just place everything out on a coffee table or buffet spread in your living room. This allows you to enjoy the party, and your guests will have access to the dishes without having to get up to find something to eat in the kitchen.

Serve regional food
Serve regional food to make the Super Bowl party even more fun. Find a couple recipes from each team’s city and put them up against each other. Then have your friends judge which one is better. Or if everyone loves one particular team, just stick to food from that area.

Offer more than beer
Serve more than beer at your Super Bowl party. You can mix apple cider with a liqueur in a custom stadium cup for a nice twist on a craft drink. To make the party more fun, put some Super Bowl trivia questions on custom coasters and have people guess the answers throughout the party.

Extra tips
Super Bowl parties tend to be rowdy affairs, so plan for spills. Store cleaning supplies nearby so you can wipe up any messes and head back to the entertainment quickly.

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