Tips on throwing a travel-themed party


If your group of friends is full of jetsetters, a travel party may be the perfect occasion to showcase all the trinkets, photos and memories picked up while abroad. Above you’ll find a lovely custom dessert table designed by Sweets Indeed, which is sure to provide some inspiration for your own travel-inspired party. Here are some tips to help you throw this travel-themed bash:

Send out customized luggage tag invitations. Set the mood of the party with a welcoming phrase detailing how the party is meant to showcase everyone’s worldwide travels. Ask your guests to bring single photos, albums or digitized slideshows from all of their travels. Or, if they have any cool souvenirs or foreign tender, tell them they should bring them to the party as well.

Suitcases – Place vintage-inspired leather luggage cases in various places around your home. Leave some open on tables and fill them with snacks and others closed leaning against walls. Use this setup featured on Style Me Pretty as inspiration.


Maps – Visit rummage and estate sales to find Old World maps. These can be placed inside frames and hung as artwork that is not only perfect for your party, but is beautiful as everyday decor as well.

Smaller maps can be rolled into a cone to hold snacks like popcorn and pretzels. Below, from One Fab Day, are some other creative ways to incorporate maps into your decorations.


Globes – Traditional globes are a great decoration item because they act as decor and are also conversation starters that allow everyone to point out where they have traveled. As featured on Style Me Pretty, here is a beautiful way to incorporate a globe with your vintage suitcase decor.


Planes – Outlines of airplanes can be printed out on colorful paper and tied together for a garland. Or, if you’re feel extra crafty, try making paper airplanes from old maps and stringing those together for pieces of garland, as seen on Run Lucas Run.


Place cards – If you’re hosting a sit-down dinner, customize passport place cards. Or you can write the menu on traveled-themed stationery.

A couple hours into the evening, have everyone sit down and share their treasures. Pass around photos and play slideshows on a tablet device.

Be sure to request that your guests bring a treat from some exotic land they have visited. They could either make a homemade dish or show patronage at a shop and buy a premade item. And you could always bake some travel-themed cupcakes, as seen here from Kara’s Party Ideas.


Beverages are also a great opportunity to showcase everyone’s travels. You could feature horchata from Mexico, wine from France, sake from Japan and tea from China.

Gift bags
When it’s time to leave, have gift bags filled with candy from a variety of countries ready for your guests. Or get extra creative and design a favor box with a stamp to look like a well-traveled package.

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