Top ideas for your gender reveal Baby Shower

More and more couples are choosing to reveal their baby’s sex at a gender reveal party, and some are even waiting right along with family and friends because, let’s face it – being surprised and finding out together is just so darn fun! If you’re planning a gender reveal party, the key is combining personalized products with your own great ideas to make it an extra-special day. Here are some creative ways to share the big news:

​Box of balloons
Gather everyone outside to witness a balloon releasing! If the couple doesn’t know their baby’s gender yet, this can be extra exciting. Fill the box with helium-inflated balloons in either powder blue or rosy pink and on the count of three, release them to the tune of shouts of joy and celebration from your guests.

Cut the cupcake
Everyone has done the cut-the-cake thing, so why not get all of your guests involved to cut –  or bite into – the cupcake simultaneously? Bakeries are happy to oblige and will fill cupcakes with the color frosting of your choosing. Pick a white cake (the contrast with the color filling will be greater) and have it decorated per your theme. Don’t forget to include cute cupcake toppers and personalized napkins like these pretty customized baby shower luncheon napkins.

Fancy favors
Your party favors can even be the big reveal. Fill custom gift bags or boxes with pink or blue confetti and fancy favors, or personalize your gift boxes right down to the font and paper texture, and fill them with pink or blue candy to surprise your guests all at once. Check out our site for personalized gender reveal party ideas.

Gender games
No baby shower is complete without a few baby-themed games! Here are a few that are especially fun for gender reveal parties:

1. Old Wives’ Tales game – Create a list of old wives’ tales and tally up the mom-to-be’s answers to “predict” the baby’s gender. One tale says that if the mama-to-be craves sweet foods, she’s having a girl – and salty or sour foods mean boy. Another says that if the husband has put on weight too, it’s a girl; if not, it’s a boy. Do this right before the actual gender reveal to see if the tales are true.

2. Team Girl or Team Boy – When guests arrive, ask them to pick a team. Provide them with something like pink or blue pins or a mustache or lips on a stick to show what they think the baby’s gender will be. Give an extra prize to those who guess right!

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