Transforming your home into a winter wonderland

The holidays don’t just represent a time to dust off your comfort food recipes. It’s the season to decorate your home as well. The winter wonderland theme is a great way to transform your place into a festive environment. If you aren’t sure where to begin, follow this handy guide.

First start with an overhaul of your accessories. Many people add Christmas or Hanukkah decorations but forget to take away the year-round ones. So take a stroll around your home and remove vases, candles and trinkets that don’t fit in with your theme. Nifty tip: Use your holiday storage to house all your accessories.

Once you’ve removed all the accents, give your home a good cleaning. The is the perfect time to get out your duster to be sure all surfaces are smooth and dust-free.

Decide which aspects of the winter wonderland theme you want to incorporate into your home. Will you go for the traditional snow-covered accessories and pinecones? Or will you opt for an Old World vintage look? Whichever you choose, be sure you stick with the theme throughout your home to ensure a consistent flow.

White and silver are two of the most-used colors in the winter wonderland aesthetic. Decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments in these hues. You can even use spray paint to add frost to your tree. Additionally, style your mantel with silver garlands and cream stockings.

During your holiday parties you can continue the theme in your napkins, coasters and place cards. Choose ivory luncheon napkins with royal blue lettering and a snowflake icon. You can also design box matches in these colors to add inside goodie bags. Be sure to continue the theme with you holiday cards by snapping a photo of the family in a winter landscape.

Other decor tips
Icicles – Use the back of old wrapping paper to make icicles. Simply cut a long rectangular strip of paper and snip jagged edges along one side.

Winter vases – Set an intimate environment by creating your own candle holders. Take mason jars and stick needles from an evergreen tree inside – but leave space at the center. Then put a votive candle in and tie a ribbon at the opening. You can also use a glue stick to secure a pine cone and jingle bell on the rim.  As your guests arrive, place the lit candles throughout your home. For a simpler alternative, you can design festive labels for votive candles.

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