Trend Alert: Frames & Borders!


Recently, we’ve been noticing that the trend of framing or bordering text is catching on…very quickly! Our customers have provided us with so many different styles for inspiration: from thin, dainty, with floral (like you see above) to thick and elegant (as seen below).

Some of the frames we’ve seen from our customers are very elaborate with many small details, like you’ll see below.


Offering just circular frames is boring and we want to steer clear of boring, so try incorporating a more horizontal border to your text. And if you still can’t shake the need for something circular, try placing it on one of our circular products, like our round coasters.

As for the text that you should include in your frame—we recommend (and many customers opt for) your initials or monogram, and a date.


Here at ForYourParty, we are always looking for additions to our extensive graphics library, so we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and added numerous frames and borders for our customers to use as they please. We’ve created some beautiful custom designs for our customers to use as is or take inspiration from.

We’ve created these frames so they are available to use on a variety of our products, from napkins, to can coolers, to matches, and more.

To show our customers all of the possibilities of these frames, we’ve created mini suites of products all featuring our custom frames and borders, which can mostly be found in our Monogram Shop.


We sought to create a wide variety of frames in order to fit anyone and everyone’s taste. Some are full of florals, while others are very simple and line-based. We have even created some more geometric inspired frames, like the one seen below.
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Be sure to take a look at all of our beautiful frames to spice up your personalized products! Click here to begin browsing any of our products.

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