Trend Alert: Mad-Libs Coasters!

After our coasters were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings with these adorable fill-it-in designs, every bride is now ordering their very own set of personalized Mad-Libs-style coasters!


You can personalize your very own set right here on our website! While there something so bold and eye-catching about these simple, straight-to-point designs, we thought we’d try our hand at some Mad-Libs coasters of our own that fit more within our aesthetic.


We decided to go with our Satin Gold foil on our Ornament coasters, which add just a little more femininity to the set. By choosing some lighter, more airy fonts, we’ve created an entirely new look with our Mad-Libs-inspired coasters!

Figure out your personal style and create your very own set of Mad-Libs-style coasters! We have plenty of coaster shapes to suit your style. They’re a hit at weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, etc. So give your guests the opportunity to be creative! Plus, you know you’ll love reading them after your event.

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