Trend Alert: State Art!

A big trend we’ve been noticing lately is state art. A lot of our customers are choosing to feature their home state and their sweetie’s home state. We thought this was a fantastic idea, so we can now officially announce we have state art available for any of our products!

Just look at how creative some of our customers have been with their state art:

If you and your future hubby are from the same state, be creative with featuring your home state, like this couple did with Idaho.
If you both are from different states, try featuring both with your names overlapping.


Try adding a dotted line and some hearts in between your two home towns for an adorable effect.


Don’t be afraid to keep it simple! Try adding a single heart on your home town with your initials in the corner.


Consider fitting both of your names separated by a heart inside your home state.


We have plenty of ideas and inspiration on our State-themed party page, take a look at a few below!

statesUse something we’ve created, or design something entirely on your own! Check out all the great ideas here.

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