Trend Alert: Stir Sticks!

While stir sticks aren’t a new item, they are a big hit at any type of event. We want to show you that they can be used in many ways – not just to stir your drinks! We have three different shapes, circle, rectangle, and oval.

Let’s start out simple, our stir sticks really do spice up an event by sticking out of a cocktail. Take a look at these beautiful examples.

Summer_Spring_Slider_WebCrop stirsticks

While our stir sticks are fabulous in cocktails, try them in unexpected ways too! Like in mini sandwiches:


Stick a donut hole or cookie on them and provide and drink & snack for your guests all-in-one!


Get really creative and use them in your succulent favors!


Try breaking them in half and sticking them in finger foods or desserts (like cupcakes!).


There are so many possibilities for our stir sticks in addition to actually using them to stir your cocktails. Be creative!

2 Responses to “Trend Alert: Stir Sticks!”
  1. Nicole Mower says:


    How can I recreate the top photo? The word ‘bottoms’ is written differently than the word ‘up’ and I’m having a hard time recreating it on your website. Any help would be great! =)


    • Sari says:

      Hi Nicole!

      Thanks so much for reaching out to us! In our design editor we have options to turn any piece text. You can find these options by clicking the text you wish to rotate on the actual preview and clicking the green arrow buttons that pop up on the left.

      To ease your design process, however, we’ve gone ahead and recreated this stir stick for you on our website. You can access this design by clicking this link ( 🙂

      Have a great day, thanks for reading!

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