Unique Valentine’s Day gifts

This Valentine’s Day, gift your sweetie something special. Yes, chocolates and candies are great and tasty presents, however, they lack originality. Here are a few gift ideas that will wow that special someone in your life:

For him:
Custom coasters – Put your own special touch on coasters and send them to your loved one. You can design a message on leather coasters like their initials with a sweet note.

Shot glasses – Some men like to collect shot glasses (and use them, depending on their mood). For example, a his and hers set of glasses is perfect for a romantic evening. Or you can gift him a novelty set with a fun pop culture reference on the outside.

Signature spirits – Find out what his favorite spirit is and give him a craft bottle. No matter if he enjoys whiskey, vodka or tequila, you can locate a boutique that makes small batches of high-quality liquor.

Novelty cufflinks – For some, it’s fun to have a wide collection of cufflinks. If the man in your life often dresses up, send him a set with a decorative touch.

Vintage bottle of wine – A vintage bottle of vino is a perfect gift for wine connoisseurs. Speak with a sommelier to find the best vintage in your area.

For her:
Personalized candles – For the lady in your life, custom votive candles are a great gift. Just design the label on the outside with her name or a special Valentine’s Day message and she is sure to love it.

Monogram entertaining set – If your valentine loves to host dinner parties, give her a set of monogram coasters or dinner napkins. It’s a nice surprise for guests to see these stylish napkins and coasters at a cocktail party.

Scented lip balms – A variety of boutiques sell scented lip balms. Avoid the larger chain brands and gift her something from a small unique retailer that is moisturizing and smells amazing.

Oversized mug – Everyone loves a cup of warm coffee or tea in the morning during winter. So give your loved one a large decorative mug to sit atop her desk.

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