Vintage accents for your spring wedding

A popular trend among weddings is having a vintage theme woven throughout the decor. You can feature touches of the design aesthetic in a couple parts your nuptials or showcase the theme in every aspect of your decor. Here are some ideas for incorporating vintage accents into your spring wedding:

Wedding dress
Vintage-style wedding dresses often have an element of lace in the gown. You can incorporate a touch of the fabric along the garment’s waistline for a subtle accent or feature the material on the neckline of the dress. As an alternative approach you can wear your mother’s or grandmother’s gown – they’re both sure to be vintage and stylish. We love the BHLDN line of vintage inspired wedding gowns.

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Whether you are wearing a new or vintage dress, consider adding more antique elements to the gown. For example, a colorful brooch can be the perfect addition. Or you can wear a tiara or headpiece that is a family heirloom. Just speak with your family members to see what pieces of jewelry they will let you wear on your wedding day. If you and your family members don’t have any antique pieces, you can head to an estate sale to see what they might have on hand. We fell in love with all the vintage inspired details from Brilliant Bride Etsy Shop, see images below.






You can incorporate touches of lace into your bouquet as well. Just wrap a lace doily around the stems of your spring floral arrangement and secure in place with personalized ribbon or rustic twine.

Your centerpieces can have a vintage flair to them. Start with antique bowls and vases. Then fill them with a range of decorative items like marbles, flowers, beads, candles or candy.

Gift bags
Continue your vintage theme with your personalized gift bags. You can create a playlist with old love songs and burn them onto a CD. Then place them in distressed-looking cases and put them inside your goodie bags. Also, consider picking up antique-looking journals and adding them to the bag.

Ice cream bar
Soda shops were popular in the past so consider paying tribute to those good times at your wedding. Have a buffet table filled with ice cream to make different sundaes and, of course, include tons of toppings. Also, have soda water, flavored syrups and a milkshake machine on hand. We found this pinterest board full of amazing Ice Cream Bar ideas!

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