Ways to pump up your parties in the new year

The holiday season just wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean party time is over. There are tons of birthdays, dinner parties and other celebrations on the docket for the new year. If you’re tasked with hosting a winter party, you need to go the extra step to make it special. Here is how to do it:

Mood lighting
Place mood lighting throughout your home to set the tone for the party. Turn off the overhead lights and use table lamps instead. Or you can pick up colorful lanterns and hang them around your house. The subdued lighting will also create a warming effect.

Punch bowl
It’s time to bring punch bowls back into style. They are an entertainer’s best friend because you can use them to prepare drinks in advance. Use a large clear bowl to house your craft cocktail. Be sure the drink has a colorful hue to help brighten up the party. For a simple crowd-pleasing drink, use vodka, soda water, cranberry juice, orange juice and fresh cranberries.

Dessert bars
You can make dessert extra special by creating a self-serve bar. Set a theme like candy, cupcakes or do-it-yourself banana splits. Be sure you have enough toppings so everyone can customize their sweet treat.

Ultimate playlist
Don’t just play the radio during your party. Instead, prepare a playlist in advance. If you’re hosting a birthday party, compile the guest of honor’s favorite tunes. Also, you can use Pandora or a similar free website that can create a playlist for you.

Personalized decor
Guests will be pleasantly surprised when you hand them custom coasters or napkins along with their cocktails. They can feature your initials or a funny conversation starter.

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