Weather clearing, Party On!

It’s finally here, gorgeous weather, blooming flowers and the smell of BBQ. Spring has begun in Chicago. Our hope is that this beautiful weather is spreading far and wide for all to enjoy. What does great weather mean: it’s time to start the outdoor party planning. Here are some of our favorite party ideas to share with your friends and family:

  1. Cool Cocktails, is sporting over 32,000 recipes and growing for your next event. Invite guests to bring either their own favorite cool cocktail recipe or a bottle to share, then visit and wow your guests with your new bartending skills. Cabs or couches for everyone at the end of this party.
  2. BBQ in the city! Some of us are not sporting a gloriously large patio or even a back yard to accommodate a lush summer grill out. Instead mock your apt to feel just as cool and relaxed by blending summery drinks, adding cute umbrellas, and skewering all your appetizers for a finger food free for all.
  3. Easy, breezy picnic! Invite guests to a park, beach or neighborhood pavilion, request that they bring their favorite pre-made appetizer from their local grocery store or super market, pop the tops and enjoy. Add in great fun by providing outdoor games like bocce ball, croquet, lawn darts or bean bag toss.
  4. Tapas anyone? Entertaining a wide variety of people? Put together a wide selection of tapas, you’re destined to meet all your guest’s palettes if you offer 10-15 different delicious snacks. (Tapas: small Spanish savory appetizers commonly served with drinks.)
  5. Movie in my backyard! Start this evening event off right by inviting guests to bring blankets and a comfort dish to pass. Rent from a local company, buy or make a projector (YouTube sports great video guides to converting laptops in to projectors) and let the movie mayhem begin. Rain spoiling your night? Move the crew inside for a cozy horror flick on the couch.
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