Wedding cake alternatives for a memorable reception

Weddings are the perfect occasion to exercise a bit of creativity. In recent trends, some brides are opting out of the traditional tiered cake and offering a range of crowd-friendly desserts. Even if a formal cake is a must for your wedding, take these sweets into consideration:

Candy spread
This play on the typical salad bar is perfect if many kids will be attending the wedding. Set up a buffet table with bowls of assorted heights and shapes. Place all types of candy – from chocolate turtles to red licorice – inside these containers. Customize party bags for a handy carrying case guests can fill up and take back to their tables.

Ice cream bar
Here is another fun buffet idea: Arrange an ice cream bar with a variety of flavors and toppings. Be sure an adult monitors this station, because the buffet can get messy with kids serving themselves. Have bananas, nuts, whipped cream and cherries on hand for sundaes and splits. Another fun twist is to have an old-fashioned milkshake maker. Guests can combine whichever flavors they want to create the ultimate blended beverage.

No matter if your family is Italian or not, cannolis will be a well-received treat. Place chocolate chip, pistachio and other favorite types of this ricotta-filled pastry next to your other dessert offerings.

Cake twists
Martha Stewart Weddings toured actual receptions to showcase creative cakes. Here are a few of the innovative ideas:

Bundt cake – For those that aren’t a fan of buttercream or fondant (or are just trying to watch their sugar intake), a bundt cake is a great alternative. Have your caterer bake it in special pans carved in playful designs that resemble piping along a traditional wedding cake.

Cheese plate – Another wedding went the cheese route with wheels stacked to resemble a tiered cake. In between the layers were assorted grapes and figs.

Pound cake – This classic cake is a crowd pleaser and extra tasty when filled with berries and cream cheese frosting.

Cake favors
Dessert doesn’t have to be over when guests leave. Place mini cupcakes in their favor bags. First customize cellophane bags with the name of the bride and groom and add a few different types of cup cakes. Don’t just offer obvious flavors, get creative with lavender or mint types.

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