Wedding Ordering Guideline

Finally – it’s wedding season! (Good weather comes with it.) We’ve received a lot of phone calls about how much or how many to order of each.  See below for five simple suggestions:

1. Cocktail napkins: three or four per person per hour! If you have an open bar, remember that people will have a new napkin with each new drink, and if they’re like most people in an open bar setting, they’ll take advantage of it with more than one. These also double as appetizer and dessert napkins.
2. Lunch napkins: a little larger than the cocktail, these work for events where food is served, such as the rehearsal dinner or brunch, and two per person should be plenty.
3. Dinner napkins: for the reception dinner, these are the appropriate size.  One per place setting and it never hurts to have extras!
4. Matches: Just because you don’t approve of people smoking doesn’t mean they won’t do it! Place these in bowls in open areas, such as outside and at the bar, and encourage people to take them when they leave.  Your number will vary depending on the number of smoking areas and your number of guests.
5.  Stir sticks: these are perfect for cocktails and fruit and cheese combinations! If you’re serving them, plan for one stir stick per every two people.
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