Wedding Shoes are In!

So I’m checking off the Bridal To-Do List one task at a time! Being a web savvy Bride, I’m trying to research and order everything online, I even wanted to order my dress online, but the Bridal Boutiques make that almost impossible, but that’s okay because the dress shopping is done and I am proud of myself finding one heck of a deal! So with my beautiful and thrifty dress ready to wear I decided I was going to splurge on the shoes. I have always pictured wearing blue shoes, maybe Carrie Bradshaw’s bold choice on her wedding day subconsciously made me picture this. So when I started researching satin blue heels, the only shoes that appeared were Carrie’s precious Minolo Blahniks, as seen in the Sex in the City movie. I was prepared to find these shoes for less than the $945 price tag but also determined not to buy a knock off, I’m usually not a snob like this, but I decided for my wedding day I should have great, comfortable and simply fabulous shoes. So after much research for alternatives, a best friend mentioned finding a dyable shoe, and shoe clips and making a personalized one of a kind shoe! This was the best advice ever. So after much more research I decided on the Cole Haan Ceci Air Mid Pump-it even has a Nike Sole, I love it! I found them on Ebay…brand new… and half the retail cost! I then found a great site that sells shoe clips- all sorts, such a smart way to change and class up a shoe...Absolutely So as an employee of a personalized accesory business, I would encourage every Bride to pick those certain elements that are one of a kind, guests are always blown away by the personal touch. Check out the pics of my new shoes, predying!

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