What to consider before you plan your destination wedding

Maybe you’ve always pictured your wedding on the white sands of Fiji or at a winery in the Tuscan countryside. But if you’ve begun wedding planning, you’ve surely realized all of the intricacies of hosting an event in a place that’s not local. Here are some things to consider before you decide if a destination wedding is right for you:

Your guest list
Think about who it’s important to have at your wedding. If you were planning to have a small ceremony anyway with just immediate family members and a few friends, you might decide that your Maui wedding will be feasible for everyone. But, if your favorite aunt has a medical issue that keeps her from flying long distances and you can’t imagine not having her with you on your big day, you might decide a local wedding is just fine. Additionally, assess what you know about the people you’d like to have in your wedding. If you have a friend who you know just can’t afford a trip to Bali, you can consider paying for her flight and hotel room if you have the means.

One compromise that couples often make is to get married abroad in a small ceremony and then host a formal or casual reception at home with all of their friends and family. Considering who you want to have with you is one of the most important elements of weighing the decision of a destination wedding.

Planning … from a distance
Everyone knows wedding planning can be stressful, but what about organizing a ceremony and reception in a place where you don’t live or speak the language? You might need a bilingual wedding planner located in the local destination to book a venue and vendors for you, so consider these extra costs. Some brides would like to have more control than this, but since many things can be purchased online, you could do the personalizing yourself: order personalized wedding napkins, design custom table numbers and create personalized gift bags for your guests. Check out some of our other products that you can completely customize online.

Other considerations
Figure out local marriage legalities. Some countries require a short period of “residency” before you can be married there, and many require visas, registration and paperwork. Additionally, research local weather and give friends and attendants ample notice (at least six months) before your wedding so they can plan for travel.

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