What type of entertainer are you?

People who are natural hosts don’t all have the same party planning style. Some prefer to throw formal events where everyone dons their Sunday best. Others are more laid-back and are comfortable in jeans serving finger food. No matter your entertaining style, there are some tricks and tips to help you throw even better parties and still stay in line with your preferences. Here are a few ways to pull it off:

Informal parties are perfect for backyard barbecues and watching the big game with a group of close friends.

Game day – Football season is in full swing, which means dedicated fans will be braving the weather to see their favorite team play. You can have an inside-outside party to get the best of both worlds. Outside, fire up the grill with burgers and ribs. In the living room, set up the TV with ample seating. At a nearby table, put out a range of chips, dips and beverage options. To add a bit of pizzazz to your drinks, place a customized straw tag in each one.

A cocktail party is the perfect balance between casual and formal. Your guests get to dress up a bit, yet still be comfortable. Additionally, the menu can be a mix of craft cocktails and appetizer-sized comfort food. To give your party a nice flow, set up food and beverage stations in various rooms around the house. The living room should have a nice vegetable platter and the dining room can offer more substantial dishes like mini burgers, crostini and bacon-wrapped scallops. If guests tend to gravitate toward the kitchen, you can set out a cheese plate and some dessert options in that room.

If you prefer to host formal events, you probably already have party planning down to a strict science. However, consider these decorating tips to really wow guests.

Napkins – What’s a cocktail napkin without a personalized saying? Write a special note on customizable napkins to add a bit of glamour to your party.

Coasters – If you are serving chilled beverages, don’t let condensation spoil the evening. Write a personalized saying on leather or paper coasters to add a special touch to your decor.

Favors – To thank your guests for coming to your event, send them off with a small gift. Place chocolates, trinkets and more in customizable favor boxes.

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