While in NYC at the Stationery Show, many artists caught ForYourParty’s eye, but a Jersey girl, Laurel Denise, had the items we couldn’t live without.  She designs delicate necklaces that whisper powerful something to those around you.  Here is a little bit about her unique story, as stated on her website:

The Laurel Denise Jewelry line came to Laurel in a dream in the middle of the night. Months that seemed like days passed and Laurel’s small room quickly became a studio, completely covered in sterling silver & gold chain, glass, scraps of paper, and sketches. Many tested designs, tested materials, and glass cuts later, Laurel Denise Jewelry Design was born.”

Rachel, who purchased a necklace, loved the idea of showing others that she wants to represent joy.  Her mom always called her the “sunshine” child, mostly because she was a girl between two excitable lads, and because she wants to bring more joy to the world through her actions and love.  After meeting Laurel, Rachel was sure they shared the same goal!  Laurel’s necklaces are perfect for bridesmaid’s gifts because they say something deeper about the relationship between two women. 

If you are looking for more memorable items, think about also making cocktail napkins with sweet quotes about love and marriage for your special day!

Look for Laurel’s designs on the ForYourParty website !

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