Who to invite to the rehearsal dinner

The rehearsal dinner should be a low-stress, fun affair to kick off your wedding celebration. Here are some rules of etiquette about who to invite to make your rehearsal dinner the perfect preview to your wedding:

1. Invite your immediate families and everyone who will play a part in the wedding: the wedding party, ushers, flower girl and ring bearer, readers, the officiant and all spouses.

2. It’s also polite to invite all of your “helpers” – though not officially in the wedding, they worked behind the scenes on different tasks to ensure you had a seamless and fantastic celebration.

3. Formal invitations do not need to be sent, especially if you plan to have a more relaxed rehearsal dinner. Word-of-mouth invites are just fine, according to Martha Stewart Weddings, unless you plan to expand the party to include out-of-town guests – in that case, rehearsal dinner invites should be mailed soon after the invitations. Rehearsal dinner invites can be more casual, however.

4. Even if you are having a very formal wedding, it’s still OK to have a more casual rehearsal dinner. Martha Stewart Weddings suggested that many couples have rehearsal dinners at favorite or meaningful restaurant, or, if they’re inviting out-of-town guests, they choose a restaurant that showcases local flavors, like seafood in Boston or deep-dish pizza in Chicago.

5. If you’d like to invite more than just the wedding party, helpers and immediate family but you or your in-laws are worried about the budget, think about hosting a cozy backyard BBQ with personal touches. It will be cost-friendly but also intimate, allowing friends and family members to really get to know each other before the big day.

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