Winter Birthday Party for Boys

Is there a little boy in your life with a birthday coming up? If so, take advantage of the cold-weather season with a cool party theme. Here are a few winter party ideas for boys:

Snowmen are such an iconic figure during winter. So much so that it’s a great idea to create a party around these snow creatures. First you’ll want to set the tone with the right decor. You and the birthday boy can craft your own snow figures to place around the house. You can also tape together long sheets of opalescent paper and cut lines through it to create icicles. Place this on your mantel, staircase and chairs. Additionally, to make your home really look like a winter wonderland, spray fake snow on the windows. Or you could always make your own fake snow! Here’s a tutorial from Pure Ella showing 3 different ways to make fake snow with ingredients you already have around the house!


Here’s a great DIY ‘Build a Snowman’ kit from Modern Parents Messy Kids.


You can also create warm drinks like hot cocoa and serve them with custom napkins that feature the name of the guest of honor.

Cold-weather camping
If the birthday boy loves the great outdoors, have a cold-weather camping party. You can create a roaring bonfire and provide snacks geared for outdoor dining. For example, customize travel cups and fill them with hot apple cider or hot chocolate. The lad will love having his name featured on the to-go cup.

Help all the kids build an appetite with a few rounds of sledding. Then everyone can hike through the woods for a bit. To top of the celebration the kids can gather around the campfire for a round of stories.

Football is one of country’s favorite sports. You can finish the season off with a bang by throwing a football party for the little fan in your life. Decorate your home in his favorite team’s colors. You can also feature a football team’s logo in the decor. Serve oval-shaped burgers, brownies and even cookies to make the party represent the young one’s favorite sport. We have an entire pop-up store dedicated to our love for sport decor! Check it out here!


Nowadays, these cold-weather animals are so popular they have taken over movies, and now party decor. Download a few penguin templates to hand out to the kids for coloring materials. When the children are done putting their artistic touches on the sheets you can hang them up around your home. Make some adorable penguin themed treats as well, like the chocolate covered strawberries!

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