WINTER BLUES lead to all shades of OCEAN BLUES

How can we forget the dark and dreary winter that plagued the Midwest this year? With our

photos, we at least remember how we escaped it!

Sari this year made a “hand-delivery” in the dead of winter to her long-time friend’s Malibu
beach home. Sharone celebrated her birthday this year with ForYourParty’s own stir sticks
and napkins as people (including celebrities) soaked up the sun and summertime refreshments.

Upon arriving from Malibu, Sari was filled with summertime inspiration – inspiration that is
still manifesting itself in our designs and color palettes (inspiration that was impossible to
acquire in Chicago). Thanks to Sharone – ever the best hostess for this treat!

We think it was snowing in Chicago during this trip!

Yes, that’s Nicolette Sheridan!

Left to right: Sharone, Sari and Arley

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