Yoga For Your Party

At ForYourParty we have been getting down with our dogs, saluting the sun and nodding namaste to our health. That’s right, Yoga isn’t just the hottest trend in town, it’s also our post-work exercise of choice. There’s nothing better than a Savasana after a day in the office to relax and recharge. Yoga is also great for creativity and staying calm in stressful situations, so you can be certain we’re producing our best work for your party, everyday. And with benefits like these, it’s no wonder this far Eastern tradition is taking our American dreams by peaceful storm. 
We love Victoria’s Secret girl, Miranda Kerr. She finds balance and that beautiful glow on the mat. Then there’s Tara Stiles, striking poses all over Manhattan. Taking cues from these peacefully minded ladies, we can definitely say we’ve seen several of the positive effects around here already. Tara’s new book, Yoga Cures is favorite for lunchtime reading. Yoga certainly seems to be the cure to afternoon slumps, bridezilla meltdowns and baby shower treats by keeping energy balanced, nerves calm and bodies sleek. We think it’s a great idea for a new spin on any party theme. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get all your favorite friends together on the mat or give your bridal party some Yoga bliss? Anything that creates harmony, beauty and inner peace-we’re down with that. 

Photo Sources: Miranda Kerr: | Tara Stiles:Healthy Wealthy Wellness

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